Big Xhosa Shares Why He Believes Emtee Will Not Collaborate With Him

Big Xhosa Shares Why He Believes Emtee Will Not Collaborate With Him. Big Xhosa has been very vocal about being embraced and accepted in the SA Hip hop culture. The brash rapper has not shied away from calling out rappers who have given him cold shoulder.

Big Xhosa Shares Why He Believes Emtee Will Not Collaborate With Him

With all the controversial moments he has created, the Ninyile chanter has managed to meet with some of the big profiles in the game with Emtee being one of them. Taking to Instagram stories, the rapper tasked his followers and fans to ask him questions and he was asked which artist he would love to collaborate with. “Who would wanna collab with,” read the post.

In response, Big Xhosa indicated that he would love to collaborate with Emte but is sceptical that it would happen. The Loadshedding singer stated that Emtee still believes Big Xhosa is all about clout chasing, which is why he doubts the two would collaborate. “Emtee but I think bro still thinks I’m just a clout chaser but it’s love,” he said.

Big Xhosa and Emtee have had their fair share of disputes this came after Emtee was quick to refute claims that Big Xhosa has played a necessary role in the revival of SA Hip hop. “Rap is so watered down yall really this goofy is some kinda killer MC of some sort,” he tweeted.

Big Xhosa slammed Emtee for his statement in a long, now-deleted Instagram post, claiming Emtee was seeking to stymie his advancement in the music industry.

“This is why SA hip hop is where it’s at today, you got older cats who been in the game trying to block or stop new ones breaking through. Well that’s a b*tch move and must be addressed Emtee.

“None of you hip hop guys have to like me but there’s nothing you can do to stop me from getting to my plate. I’ll get where I want to get and even more. With or with you all. It’s not my fault you all not hot as you used to be. It’s not my fault the fans love me and make my sh*t go viral or number one almost every time I drop. I’m not even on TV or radio. I don’t stand on nobody’s way and nobody should stand on mine.” he wrote.

The two have finally buried the hatchet, as they looked to be having fun in a video in which Big Xhosa addressed Emtee as Nasty C.

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