Remembering Riky Rick: Top 20 Boss Zonke’s Quotable Verses

Remembering Riky Rick: Top 20 Boss Zonke’s Quotable Verses. Following Riky Rick‘s death on this day last year, the South African hip-hop scene has never been the same. Most artists and fans are still grappling with the massive void that Riky left in the game.

Remembering Riky Rick: Top 20 Boss Zonke’s Quotable Verses

Even though Boss Zonke is no longer here with us, the rapper’s music, influence on young people and the impact he imposed on the game will forever be cherished. Running it back to some of his music, let’s take a quick glance at Boss Zonke’s quotable verses.

Home ft Mas Musiq

“Reminiscing about the hard times I know I’m living on borrowed time I’m the greatest of all time.”

Le Mpitse ft Cassper Nyovest

Dont tell me about charts. Your video looks like a GoPro, mina I only do art (DONE!)

Imali Eningi ft Big Zulu

I need money trees and summer breeze. Lot of cheese, Louis V’s and double G’s.Overseas with Thuli P’s and Nancy B’s. Black cards with credit limits that’s guaranteed.”

Bae Coupe ft Ice Prince

my n-gga i don’t need no enemies all i need is a subst-tute for this hennessey my life was crazy, remember mama was begging me now i’m begging mama like please this hundred gs.”

Wait Outside ft Espiquet

 “I burned all the bridges behind me Can’t tell you the truth so I lie I’m waving at someone behind you I filter my eyes when I look to the sky.”


“I had a dream about last night, I’m really missing my past life Ain’t got no love for the fast life.”

Forever ft Frank Casino

“They love me like Pac but I’m good in the lobby Y’all n-ggas get robbed, we’re runnin’ the robbery.”

Nafukwa (Fok Julle Naaiers)

Boyzn Bucks wil maak a plan Kohlwa amaJordan we finished with that Bopha amaHit, studio mix Panda amaShow actually ngiding’ imali yo Thengel’ incosi lempahla.”

Stay Shinning

“I’ve seen it all and baby there’s so many Haters on the side, they don’t wanna see me rise I seen it in their eyes, I just wanna live my life.”


Shout out to my uncle he pick me up from school turning up he played that Makaveli like a fool , that was standard 1,I never had a clue that one day I could rock like I was Makaveli too , I feel like Makaveli!”

Girlfriend ft Cassper

Wow, I think my baby wanna leave me Cause when I’m in the studio she never see me So when I get back to the crib she smelling my clothes She probably think I’m on the round with all of these hoes.”

 Every Mountain Got a Peak  ft Priddy Ugly

I started a label but fuck it I’m very Ambitious It’s nothing malicious, I don’t fuck with niggas
I’m just tryna double my business

On Camera

Every time you pull up, these n-ggas better pull out their phones Take a picture, print that sh*t, hang that sh*t on their walls Just to remind themselves who they could’ve been!

F.R.E.E ft AKA & DJ Tira

“You buy chain, I buy business Top Billing, you stay Shiz Niz Yeah, God’s good I am a witness.”

Whole Thing Remxi ft Frank Casino

I built a structure for these n*ggas, they taking me lightly Mama told me some would love me and some will dislike me Motherf*ckers want me dead but the money revive me.”

Omari- A star is born ft Nasty C

 “I wish I had the heart to put you on n-gga But generosity’s not a trade where I’m from n-gga I turned savage, I’m scraping like every cent.”

Zulu Girls ft Major League

Yeah I’m with the Boyzn, toysn, noisin’ Hunnid stacks always in Make your honeys flows in.”

Pick You Up ft A-Reece

“Pour some liquor on my crying days All my n_ggas live in memory When I die to remember me.”

Different ft Ranks ATM & Emtee

“I got tired of wishin’ I made a decision Won’t fall for no system.”

Too Much ft Kly

“I had to bust up a move, invented the groove I hope you’ll do this sh*t too, It’s nothing new.”

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