5 Times AKA Spoke About  Dying On Mass Country

Listening to just AKA’s intro on Mass Country, Last Time one would assume the Supa Mega subconsciously knew his time was limited and this is a scenario carried through out the album with multiple references of the Supa Mega either contemplating death, not wanting to die and sometime acknowledging that this is his “last Time” . See the 5 Times AKA Spoke About  Dying On Mass Country below!

Diary (Anxiety) 

I don’t want to die ’cause if I go silent, who gon’ feed all my children?

Last Time 

“dust myself off and make my way to the next time, This is the last time”


Tragedy happened, has tracks under caption

Gave me the idea to put noose on my neck

Thought of my daughter, I had to persist

Diary (Anxiety) 

Tried to tie my hands behind my back so I can’t feed familia I’m gon’ do when the pool is greener


“you don’t really know life ’til you know death” 

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