WATCH! Cassper Plays AKA’s “Company” Featuring Kddo At An Event

WATCH! Cassper Plays AKA’s “Company” Featuring Kddo At An Event. Cassper Nyovest may not have liked his late competitor AKA, but Mufasa set aside their animosity to pay tribute to him.

WATCH! Cassper Plays AKA’s “Company” Featuring Kddo At An Event

AKA was shot and murdered in Durban last month, but the slain rapper managed to leave behind a good album in Mass Country. The album has been heavily appreciated by both the fans and SA artists alike. Cassper Nyovest is one of the artists who have been pleased with AKA’s work on Mass Country.

In a video that has been circulating on the Twitter timeline, Cassper Nyovest can be seen playing AKA’s Company featuring Nigerian artist Kddo. Company has been one of the tracks on Mass Country that have appealed to many people including Cassper.

Following its release, Cassper expressed that Company is his favourite track from the Mass Country album. “Hell fucking yeah we are!!! Company been stuck on my mind for days!!! This should be a great project !!!” Tweeted Cassper.

Not only has he showered praises on Company, but Cassper also expressed his excitement following the release of the Mass Country album. “Happy Mass Country Day!!! Big love to the Megacy!!!” Tweeted Cassper Nyovest.

Despite the fact that Cassper and AKA were perceived as bitter rivals in South African hip hop, the former stated that their feud was dramatized. “Cassper Nyovest arrived there and told AKA’s family that the much-publicised beef between him and AKA was over-exaggerated and that they were getting along very well and shared the same vision. He then told the family that he would not be able to attend the funeral because he was flying out of the country on a business trip.” As per SundayWorld.

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