Zingah Reviews AKA’s Verse In The Unreleased Song With K.O

Zingah Reviews AKA’s Verse In The Unreleased Song With K.O. AKA might have been working towards the release of a Mass Country album before he died, but the rapper was also on more music. The Supa Mega and K.O. were on the verge of forming a music duo named ‘Back Outside Boys’ and they were ready to give South Africa some great jams.

Zingah Reviews AKA’s Verse In The Unreleased Song With K.O

Following the passing away of Kiernan Forbes, K.O. took to Twitter and revealed that he and the late Kiernan were working on a song together. “Exactly seven days ago AKA and myself were in the studio recording a precursor single to our long overdue collaborative tape. Seven days later I can’t believe I’m here making this post. Rest in heaven dear friend, king, legend, icon, GOAT. Love you for life,” wrote K.O.

Zingah, who has worked with K.O. and is also a close industry friend, was given the opportunity to listen to K.O. and AKA‘s unreleased song. The rapper-turned-podcaster took to Twitter and shared his opinion on AKA’s last verse before he passed away.

Zingah expressed that AKA was back at his best, unfortunately, the rapper’s life was cut short after he was killed in Durban. “Jamming to the final Mega verse on K.O’s unreleased. He really was back in his bag,” tweeted Zingah.

K.O. and AKA have dished out numerous hit songs together and the unreleased song is expected to match the current benchmark. K.O. has made it very clear that the song with him and AKA will be released when the time is right.  “Yes it’s gonna come out you know what I mean, like his (AKA) album is doing crazy things and we just need to allow that to go crazy like it’s supposed to. I’ll put that record out when I feel like the time is right.” K.O. said during an interview on PopCast Podcast.

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