Ex-Global Says A-Reece Hasn’t Dropped Biggest Hits Since TWC

Ex-Global Says A-Reece Hasn’t Dropped Biggest Hits Since TWC. At some point in South African hip-hop history, The Wrecking Crew “TWC” emerged as one of the most viable and dependable hip-hop cliques.

Ex-Global Says A-Reece Hasn’t Dropped Biggest Hits Since TWC

The group which was also known as The Government managed to create a movement by playing on the outskirts of the mainstream. The crew consisted of A-Reece, Wordz, Ecco, B3nchMarQ, Flame, MashBeatz, 1000 Degrees, Tyga Bankz, Mellow and Ex Global.

The crew was able to release albums and EPs. A-Reece’s work under TWC topped the charts, with songs like Holding Hands, Five Year Plan, and Meanwhile In Honey Dew dominating the charts. Speaking in an interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Bhuda T Podcast, Ex Global said that A-Reece‘s biggest songs are with The Wrecking Crew and he hasn’t surpassed that to this day.

“As a fan, I haven’t been impressed, I’m talking about the records, I’m talking about the Holding Hands, I’m talking about those types of records,” he said. “I’m giving you a solid perspective, on iTunes it’s Holding Hands, the biggest one, the second one is Meanwhile In Honey Dew, and the third one is Five Year Plan as I said. Trust me this is not a hate level, this is not anything like that.”

In a bid to clarify his point, Ex Global said that musically A-Reece hasn’t managed to surpass the level he was at when he was with TWC. “Im saying TWC musically he hasn’t tapped in like, his biggest hits are with TWC,” Ex Global said. Despite A-Reece dropping a slew of projects post-TWC era, Ex Global argued that the music is still not at the same level. “The music is solid, but it is not on that (TWC) magnitude,” he added.

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