“Inkabi Zezwe,” Sjava X Big Zulu Drop “Sayona” Music Video

“Inkabi Zezwe,” Sjava X Big Zulu Drop “Sayona” Music Video. Sjava and Big Zulu, the Inkabi Zezwe duo, have not dropped the ball since they joined forces. The two SA industry heavyweights have been working hard to realize their ambition of fusing ancient Zulu musical genres with contemporary music.

“Inkabi Zezwe,” Sjava X Big Zulu Drop “Sayona” Music Video

In their quest to deliver good music for their fans, the two famed rappers announced the release of the Sayona music video. Taking to their respective social media platforms, Big Zulu and Sjava encouraged their fans to stream the video as its now available on YouTube. “Good day Sayona music video isiphumile Ungayithola here on this link,” tweeted Sjava. Big Zulu also took to Twitter and wrote; “Nkabi Nation iNkabi Zezwe Sayona Music Video it’s out please go check on YOUTUBE.”

The music video is off their debut album Ukhamba which received enormous cheers upon its release last month. The illustrations in the Sayona music video take a contemporary perspective as they complement the track’s storyline. The Zulu artists delved into the world of love that comes with couples’ mistakes on their journey of love. The song is a relevant and valued love ballad from which many individuals can draw encouragement and optimism.

The duo has been enjoying a good spell ever since they debuted Inkabi Zezwe with the Umbayimbayi going gold 2 weeks after its release. Recently, Big Zulu and Sjava celebrated the album’s massive milestone on the streaming platforms.

The famed Zulu rappers took time to thank their fans after Ukhamba album surpassed 14 million streams on music DSPs. “Siyabonga Mzansi for streaming Ukhamba, album” wrote Inkabi Zezwe. With their first album tour in Pretoria, fast-approaching fans will be in for a treat as they will witness greatness on big stages across the country.

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