Maglera Doe Boy Explains Why He’s Always Dressed In Suits

Maglera Doe Boy Explains Why He’s Always Dressed In Suits. The hip-hop culture is not only driven by the music and the bars that come from the booth. But the fashion sense also plays a huge role. The red carpet moments at events are one of the platforms for rappers to show off their bling.

Maglera Doe Boy Explains Why He’s Always Dressed In Suits

However, it’s not all the time rappers are always wearing suits since the rap culture has always been associated with baggy pants and sneakers. SA rapper Maglera Doe Boy has created his trademark of wearing suits almost all the time he is out in public.

The Free-state rapper was questioned whether wearing a suit is his new swag during an interview at an event where he was wearing a brown suit. “You were wearing suits during the rollout for Diaspora, you’re still wearing suits till today. Is the rollout still ongoing or is this your new swag now?”

In response, Maglera Doe Boy said he has always wanted to be wearing suits and Diaspora was the perfect time to do it. “Personally, this is something that I’ve always wanted to do and Diaspora was just a good time to do it,” he said. “But if I’m finishing that, it’s going to be a lot of fashion, more suits, more sportif. But definitely, the suits are staying,” Maglera added.

Maglera’s fashion sense and the uniqueness of his dress made him get a partnership deal with PUMA. “We got a deal with PUMA right now, we’re about to go crazy. Im not just gonna wear it, I’m gonna curate, I’m gonna try put it in the good more. not because of business, but because im a curator. In culture this is fashion. Dudes can’t talk like I wasn’t the best-dressed rapper last year,” Maglera said during an interview with Zingah On Choppin’ It With Budha T Podcast.

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