Nadia Nakai Reacts To A Video Of A Deadly Shooting Involving Metro Police In Braam

Nadia Nakai Reacts To A Video Of Deadly Shooting Involving Metro Police In Braam. South Ah’s crime rate has resulted in the death of one of the country’s biggest musical superstars, AKA. AKA, along with his companion Tibz, was shot and died on February 10th in Durban.

Nadia Nakai Reacts To A Video Of A Deadly Shooting Involving Metro Police In Braam

Nadia Nakai who was dating AKA is still coming to terms with the passing of her boyfriend, but the recent deadly shooting incident in Braam might have triggered her. Taking to Twitter, Bragga expressed how scared and shocked she was after watching a video of a Metro Police Officer being gunned down.

The Money Back hitmaker expressed her dismay at the insensitivity of the eyewitnesses, who looked unconcerned with what was happening in front of their eyes. “That video of the man getting shot outside a club in Braam… the thing is I didn’t hear screams and mayhem after the shots were fired! It’s like everyone including the person taking the video is desensitised. That scares me.” Tweeted Nadia Nakai.

It’s been four months since AKA passed and the Forbes family, friends and the rapper’s fans are still eagerly waiting for justice to prevail. As for Nadia, it has been an uphill battle to come to grips with losing her loved one.

Nadia recently took to Twitter and admitted that she is struggling to accept the current reality. “Trying my best, but my heart is sore,” Nadia wrote. Even in the midst of all the mayhem, the award-winning rapper is beaming with optimism that Kiernan Forbes is at peace sitting next to God in heaven.

“Im sure he believed in God for a long time so he was spiritual all his life. But I feel like closer to the end he was so closer to God that I have no doubt where he is, I know he’s right next to God, he’s right there.” Nadia said during an interview on L-Tido Podcast.

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