Saudi Remarks On ‘SA Hip-Hip Is Dead’ Claims

Saudi Remarks On ‘SA Hip-Hip Is Dead’ Claims. The debut of the Amapiano genre in the SA music industry has not only sparked tremendous jubilation among Mzansi music consumers, but it has also caused massive chaos.

Saudi Remarks On ‘SA Hip-Hip Is Dead’ Claims

With a number of SA rappers jumping on the Yanos bandwagon, the “SA Hip-hop is Dead” adage has become a never-ending topic. Speaking in an interview on Slikour On Life: The Ultimate Plug Podcast episode, Saudi was asked to share his thoughts on claims that SA Hip-hop is dead. “Do you think that SA Hip-hop is dead?”

In response, Saudi said; “no I’m alive, monstra dont die you already know we outchea.” In the interview, the rapper was asked to share his thoughts on Amapiano and whether he would consider jumping on the Yanos bandwagon. “Is Amapiano a genre that you’ve considered hoping on because you can see what it’s doing for fellow artists?”

Saudi responded by saying that while he can use a variety of sounds in his hip-hop music, that doesn’t imply he will always stick with the genre that comes with those sounds. “I got RnB in my song, it’s not like RnB it’s something I’ve considered doing you know,” he said.

“It’s like I said you’re just influenced by people who love your music, that’s hot you know and it’s great music. Maybe there is this trend that rappers become piano artists that’s what going on, but to say to hop on piano, like would you decide to become a piano artist?” Saudi refuted.

“It’s a great genre, it’s amazing, I love the log drum, I’m about the log drum you know what I’m mean. So I will incorporate the log drum into my music. It’s a part of great music, log drum period.” Saudi said.

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