WATCH! Nadia Nakai Shows Off Gifts From AKA’s Father

WATCH! Nadia Nakai Shows Off Gifts From AKA’s Father. Nadia Nakai’s stay in Dubai is only going better as she continues to receive royal treatment from her loved ones.

WATCH! Nadia Nakai Shows Off Gifts From AKA’s Father

This time around, the famed rapper took to Instagram and shared a video clip where she can be seen flaunting a gift bag from AKA‘s father, Tony Forbes. Bragga received a gift bag with GalxyBoy fashion accessories.

“Thank you, I think this is also from Uncle Tony, so shoutout to Galxyboy that’s culture. There’s a hoody, and here’ this is precious (Galxyboy Necklace). Thank you so much, this is so pretty. I still want the earrings though, so please, still send those to me,” said Nadia Nakai.

Nadia Nakai has created a good relationship with the Forbes family even before AKA passed away. Post AKA’s death, Bragga has been getting emotional support from his late boyfriend’s family. Following her return to work after AKA’s passing, Nadia was accompanied by AKA’s father to her first gig and she expressed nothing but love and respect to the family and friends.

 “I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that supported me as I went back to work this weekend. I am so grateful for what people did for me just to make sure I’m okay.

“Sometimes I feel I’m undeserving of the support, the messages the hugs and love from my friends, family, fans aswell as the venues I worked this weekend. It really gave me hope that I will be okay… There are so many genuinely good people out there and I’ll never take it for granted. THANK YOU guys!” Wrote Nadia Nakai as she shared angelic pictures with AKA’s father.

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