Boity Responds To Criticism Over ‘Disrespectful’ “Mbuzi Freestyle” Lyrics

Boity Responds To Criticism Over ‘Disrespectful’ “Mbuzi Freestyle” Lyrics. Boity has been hard at work as she maps her way back into the rap game following a long music hiatus. The Wuz Dat chanter has been on a freestyle spree as she hopped on a handful of tracks such as Loatinover Pounds’ Sosh Plata Remix, AKA’s Mbuzi Freestyle and K.O’s Rockabye.

Boity Responds To Criticism Over ‘Disrespectful’ “Mbuzi Freestyle” Lyrics

Even though Boity dropped some catchy and powerful punchlines on the freestyles, her lyrics on AKA’s Mbuzi left a sour taste in some of the listeners’ mouths. The rapper was accused of disrespecting the late AKA, Riky Rick and Costa Titch after she said; “First of all R.I.P. to Supa Mega, who would’ve thought that a rapper of his stature will be taking a bullet through the head.”

She further rapped about the death of Riky Rick and Costa Titch saying; “And that sh*t came right after Riky Rick and after that we lost uCosta Titch. When y’all said hip hop is dead, y’all used your tongues and spoke it into existence, damn.”

Speaking with TimesLive, Boity said that there’s nothing wrong with what she said in the song, rather she was just spitting facts. “I didn’t lie in the song and I don’t think there was any form of disrespect. I just feel like people misunderstood what I said, but with regards to what I said didn’t lie,” said Boity.

“We haven’t seen anything within the hip-hop space, and I was just stating facts, and I think that’s exactly what’s happening. I feel like there’s been a huge gap left open within South African hip hop and I am hoping that with my return I am filling that gap.” She added.

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