Tweeps React To Claims That Big Zulu Is a Better Rapper Than Cassper

Tweeps React To Claims That Big Zulu Is a Better Rapper Than Cassper. Cassper Nyovest and Big Zulu are two highly respected and talented South African rap artists who have made significant contributions to the music industry. While they both represent the hip-hop genre, they possess unique styles and approaches to their craft.

Tweeps React To Claims That Big Zulu Is a Better Rapper Than Cassper

The two have been subjected to comparison when it comes to their music delivery. Taking to Twitter, SA Hip hop fans have stirred a debate on who’s a better rapper following a tweet claiming that Big Zulu is better than Cassper. “Big Zulu Might Not Be A Good Rapper But He Is Definitely Better Than Cassper Nyovest,” read the tweet.

The aforementioned comparison has left SA hip-hop followers in a whirlwind of debate with some backing Cassper Nyovest‘s impact in the game, whilst others argue that Big Zulu is no longer rapping following the formation of Inkabi Zezwe.

Cassper Nyovest’s music has garnered significant popularity not only in South Africa but also across the African continent. His style and sound have influenced the younger generation, shaping the direction of South African hip-hop. Mufasa’s success has also made him an influential figure in the music industry, with many aspiring artists looking up to him as a role model.

Similarly, Big Zulu’s music has resonated deeply with South African audiences, particularly due to his incorporation of traditional Zulu elements. He proudly embraces his heritage and culture, and his music serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving African traditions. Big Zulu’s work has helped create a renewed appreciation for indigenous sounds and storytelling within the SA hip-hop landscape.

Above all, Cassper and Big Zulu are both exceptional rap artists, each bringing their unique style, flow, and lyrical content to the table. While Cassper leans towards a more melodic and versatile approach, Big Zulu embraces a raw, powerful, and culturally rich delivery. Both artists have made significant contributions to South African hip-hop, shaping the industry and inspiring countless aspiring musicians along the way.

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