“Fake music took over South Africa” – Zola 7

“Fake music took over South Africa” – Zola 7. Zola 7 has been a massive contributor to South African music taking the much-deserved notoriety for inspiring a lot of black people mostly in the townships. However, the music space in Mzansi right now has massively changed compared to the days the Kwaito star was filling up concerts.

“Fake music took over South Africa” – Zola 7

Speaking during an interview on Podcast And Chill, Zola 7 was asked to share his views on the music landscape in South Africa right now. “What do you think about the industry now, from your eyes, what are you seeing?” Mac G asked Zola.

In response, the veteran Kwaito artist said that the public is now exposed to fake music since most of the companies that used to sell real music closed shops. “First of all, I think the public needs to be honest. Let’s try to buy musical honest or straight, but the public no longer knows where to find that music, most of these companies that were selling have ever since closed down, so people stream and stuff,Zola 7 said.

“Some people still want CDs, if I got a cassette of a certain artist, I would like to just keep it and frame it one day. People no longer know where to find those things, so then eventually fake music literally took over South Africa.” Zola 7 added.

The Kwaito legend also stated that the lack of CDs and Cassette sales have led to many artists in the country to go broke. “By the time they say an artist is broke and stuff, you just chilling there thinking by this week she would be sitting on 20 million, next week she would be on 40 million, but now they are broke, that’s how bad it gets.”

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