IFani Expresses Desire To Reconcile With Cassper Following AKA’s Passing

IFani Expresses Desire To Reconcile With Cassper Following AKA’s Passing. In the wake of the tragic passing of South African hip-hop icon AKA, the music industry and fans have been mourning the loss of an influential artist.

IFani Expresses Desire To Reconcile With Cassper Following AKA’s Passing

However, amidst the sorrow, a glimmer of hope for unity and reconciliation has emerged as rapper iFani publicly expressed his desire to reconcile with his long-time rival, Cassper Nyovest. IFani has had his differences with the late AKA, and the two didn’t get the chance to iron things out.

However, the Xhosa rapper is hoping he can correct that by reconciling with Cassper whilst there is still a chance to do. The feud between iFani and Cassper Nyovest has not been talked about much, but the Xhosa rapper indicated that AKA’s passing gave him an edge to try and mend things with Cassper.

During an interview with DJ Sbu, IFani expressed his desire for a single meeting with Nyovest, aiming to establish a positive rapport. He aspires to lead a life devoid of grievances and industry conflicts. “It has (AKA’s death) made me want to mend things with people I come across in my past life, I just want to be good with them, because at any point you gonna hit that switch,” he said.

“That’s why every time the Cassper issue comes up it touches me because I feel like I just want to make that one meeting just to cut off whatever it was was and be good. That’s what I wanna live like now because at any point I will be gone clearly,” IFani said.

Responding to whether he had issues with Cassper, IFani said; “yeah they were issues that were not direct, it was via music, it’s not personal. It’s not personal at all, it’s in that realm.”

“He (Cassper) dropped a song that I believed was wack and then everyone jumped in, friends, family everybody jumped in. But I’m past that and I wish we could meet and just have one shake hand. Just one time, then I’m nice and breath.” IFani added.

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