Ex-Global Explains Why He’s Not On MashBeatz’s Next Music Project

Ex-Global Explains Why He’s Not On MashBeatz’s Next Music Project. It’s consistently beneficial for artists to connect with their fans, engage in meaningful dialogue, and address specific questions and concerns. This has recently been the practice followed by former TWC member Ex-Global.

Ex-Global Explains Why He’s Not On MashBeatz’s Next Music Project

Taking to Twitter (X), Ex-Global took time to have a chat with his fans as he allowed them to ask anything and he would be open to answering. “Ask me anything and I’ll truthfully answer, that will always be me .” he wrote.

One of the questions posed to the renowned rapper was whether he would be featured on MashBeatz’s upcoming music project. “Are you on Mash’s next project? If not why,” read the post. In response, Ex-Global said that he would not be on Mash’s next project.

He clarified that he has previously collaborated on several projects with the renowned producer, but he won’t be taking part in the next one. Ex-Global proceeded to praise Mashbeatz for his significant contribution to the culture which has helped the game tremendously.

“I’m not on mash’s next project, I’ve been on a lot of mash’s projects that’s why, right now he is doing a lot for the game and he is expanding which is helping him and the game.” Said Ex-Global. Mash has been very active in the game as of late, working with some of the hottest rappers in the game right now.

The renowned producer has released a collaborative project with Saudi, and to add to his impressive repertoire, he has also collaborated with numerous rappers on one of the most prominent South African hip-hop remixes, “Never Ride.” The remix features many big-name rappers and the hottest emcees in the game at the moment. Currently, it remains uncertain whether Mash will release another hit song to end the year on a high note.

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