Nasty C Declares ‘I Love It Here’ As His Best Album To Date

Nasty C Declares ‘I Love It Here’ As His Best Album To Date. In a career marked by meteoric rises and critically acclaimed releases, Nasty C has declared his latest album, ‘I Love It Here,’ as his magnum opus.

Nasty C Declares ‘I Love It Here’ As His Best Album To Date

The 26-year-old rapper recently introduced his long-awaited fourth studio album to the world, creating ripples of excitement among his extensive fanbase. With a string of successful albums under his belt, including “Bad Hair,” “Strings and Bling,” and “Zulu Man with Some Power,” Nasty C has consistently showcased his lyrical prowess and musical versatility.

However, ‘I Love It Here’ appears to be the culmination of his artistic journey thus far, pushing the boundaries of his creativity and solidifying his status as one of Africa’s most celebrated rap artists. Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared his gift with the world announcing that the recently released album is his best piece of work to date. “MY BEST ALBUM YET HAS JUST DROPPED!!! & is available for streaming! LETS F*CKN GOOO!!!” He wrote.

The album, consisting of 19 tracks, takes listeners on a profound and introspective journey through Nasty C’s life experiences, from his rise to stardom and becoming a father. ‘I Love It Here’ masterfully combines elements of hip-hop creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with a diverse range of the rapper’s audiences.

Taking from the 19 tracks, Endless appears to be one of the most loved joints from the Durban rapper’s body of work. Tracks such as No More, Prosper In Peace, F*ck That, Dear Oliver and R.IP have also received the much-needed acclaim. However, DJ Zan-D said that the track the rapper featured Ami Faku is the one fans should be on the lookout for stating that it is going to be a club banger.

It’s not always an easy thing to drop an album on the same day with an artist like Cassper Nyovest. But Nasty C seems to have gained the much-deserved glory with most fans flocking to burst their ears listening to his well-curated album. Surely, Hip-hop fans are loving it there!

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