“We had great plans” – DJ Capital Explains CashTime Split

“We had great plans” – DJ Capital Explains CashTime Split. The South African hip-hop scene has experienced a remarkable surge in recent times, with rappers not only delivering chart-topping hits but also forging powerful alliances within the rap community.

“We had great plans” – DJ Capital Explains CashTime Split

The emergence of formidable cliques ignited a sense of anticipation among fans, signalling the promise of thrilling times ahead for the hip-hop genre in Mzansi. K.O.’s CashTime was one of the SA Hip-hop groups that created a massive buzz in the rap scene as it contains some exceptional rap talents.

However, over the years, rumours of internal conflicts and disagreements among the artists and management began to circulate. These rumours eventually culminated in the decision to disband the union.

Speaking during an interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Bhudha T, DJ Captial explained what he believes was the real reason that led to the split of CashTime. “N*ggs were just too famous for each other, like in the house,” he said.

“How I think we broke up, there was just too many egos at that point. There was always i,i,i and no one was looking after the group’s interest anymore,” DJ Capital added. The famed DJ said that the group had great plans only everyone was able to play their role perfectly.

“Bro we had great plans, had everyone just stuck to their position and did what they were supposed to. In the beginning, we were like so and so will do that, but then now you see oh no, it looks nicer over there, now you want to switch sides. But now your corner is left empty, no one is doing that work,” Capital said.

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