A-Reece Pays Tribute To Slimes In His Long-Awaited Album “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY”

A-Reece Pays Tribute To Slimes In His Long-Awaited Album “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY.” In a moment when the South African Hip Hop scene craves authentic Hip Hop tracks, A-Reece has delivered with his latest album, “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY.”

A-Reece Pays Tribute To Slimes In His Long-Awaited Album “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY”

With an impressive 19-track album under his belt, A-Reece has every reason to proudly celebrate his accomplishments. However, he humbly acknowledges that this remarkable journey wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of his dedicated fanbase, The Slimes, who have stood firmly by his side.

P2 is currently making waves across various music charts upon its release. However, it’s the emotional depth of the album’s outro that has truly captured the attention of SA Hip Hop followers. A-Reece, known for his lyrical prowess and introspective approach to music, has crafted a heartfelt message to the Slimes, expressing gratitude for their steadfast encouragement throughout his musical journey.

Throughout the majority of the album, A-Reece exhibited an unrestrained and fervent energy, delving into various personal matters that he had chosen to keep silent about for years. Nevertheless, displaying immense respect for his fanbase, the rapper maintained a composed demeanour, taking a moment to express gratitude to his supporters.

The outro encapsulates the essence of A-Reece’s relationship with his fans, highlighting the symbiotic connection between the artist and his audience. In his album Outro, the rapper first started by paying tribute to the late rapper AKA whom he went on to quote.

“What’s up world? It’s your boy – A-Reece Baby Boy really a hazard Danville extension 3 native World, in the famous words of the legendary AKA (Rest in peace man) Nobody, got it like I got it where I came from.” A-Reece said paying homage to his hood where he grew up.

The rapper proceeded to express gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support during the challenging phases of his career. “Ask about me, man I just wanna take this moment to thank all my supporters, the slimes For having my back throughout all these years.

“Damn, you know? Thank you for, growing with me Liftin’ me up when I’m down, you know? Believin’ in me when nobody else would but myself I would never take that for granted and I just want you to know I truly appreciate it, real sh*.”

The 26-year-old rapper also dedicated a moment to contemplate the extensive effort he invested to reach his current position. Becoming a record label owner demanded numerous sacrifices, starting from the age of 16 when he dedicated the majority of his time to studio sessions for music production and frequent appearances on the road for live shows.

Dawg, like, I been doin’ this since I was only 16 You know? Long nights in the studio makin’ mixtapes and albums Doin’ shows Gettin’ on stages, doin’ TV shows I mean, all that, all that, you know? I mean this music sh*, man This is all I know, I don’t know how to do anything else to be honest with you and-
I guess the real question is “What’s next?” What’s next?
” A-Reece said.

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