Big Xhosa Delivers “My Ex” Music Video Ft Big Zulu

Big Xhosa Delivers “My Ex” Music Video Ft Big Zulu. In a groundbreaking and highly anticipated move, two of South Africa’s most dynamic and influential hip-hop artists, Big Xhosa and Big Zulu, have joined forces to release their scorching new music video “My Ex.”

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Big Xhosa Delivers “My Ex” Music Video Ft Big Zulu

Within the music video, Big Xhosa and Big Zulu invited their fans into their realm of emotional openness, delving into the ups and downs of their romantic journeys. The “My Ex” music video, directed by Some Idiots Studios, encapsulates the song’s lyrical content’s deeply personal and emotive essence.

Set on the backdrop of an urban scene, the music video seamlessly weaves together unfiltered emotion and a colourful visual storyline, highlighting the song’s exploration of intricate past relationships and tumultuous emotional experiences.

Speaking about the collaboration, Big Xhosa expressed his enthusiasm for working with Big Zulu. Big Xhosa praised the Inkabi Records boss for delivering an immense verse for the joint as the two took their fans into a world of their romantic experiences. “Big Zulu gave me a verse of the year.. and Big Xhosa has song of the year! No debate!” Wrote Big Xhosa.

The “My Ex” music video is now available for streaming on major platforms, and fans are encouraged to experience the powerful synergy of Big Xhosa and Big Zulu’s collaboration firsthand.

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