Emtee Reflects On His Rise To Fame Alongside Sjava

Emtee Reflects On His Rise To Fame Alongside Sjava. Emtee recently took a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he reminisced about his early years in the music industry and the shared journey to stardom with fellow artist Sjava.

Emtee Reflects On His Rise To Fame Alongside Sjava

Both of them have encountered their fair share of the challenges that accompany navigating the competitive music industry. Nevertheless, they steadfastly held onto their aspirations and goals, determined to make the most of the opportunities that came their way.

Taking to Instagram, Emtee posted affectionate photos of himself and Sjava, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that reminisced on their journey and celebrated their present achievements. “Till this day sisabonisana. I remember us having these typa of convos dreaming of the position we in today. Proud of you big bro @sjava_atm and I love you,” wrote Emtee.

Emtee and Sjava are known for their distinct styles and meaningful storytelling in their music and have often collaborated, creating hits that have resonated with audiences both locally and internationally.

Emtee has gone through the purple patches that come with being in the music industry. At the same time, he has also suffered unfortunate incidents. In the midst of all that, the rapper has received full-blown support from industry peers. The rapper also attributed much of his success to his unwavering dedication and the support of his fans.

The Hustler is currently working towards the release of his album DIY 3, and fans are anticipating to see a Sjava collaboration on the body of work. On the other hand, Sjava graced the fans with the Isibuko album at the start of the year. The Zulu rapper managed to utilise the vocal prowess of Emtee in his project as they worked together on the song titled “My Life.”

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