Fans Divided Following Remarks That “DEADLINE” Is A-Reece’s Best EP

Fans Divided Following Remarks That “DEADLINE” Is A-Reece’s Best EP. Despite the challenges it has faced in the previous years, SA Hip-hop is still recognised as a dominant genre for the better part of a decade.

Fans Divided Following Remarks That “DEADLINE” Is A-Reece’s Best EP

A-Reece stands out as one of the South African rap artists who have consistently upheld and represented the essence of SA rap culture through both its prosperous and challenging times. Hailing from Pretoria, the rapper boasts an impressive catalogue of successful projects, and the “DEADLINE” EP is a notable release that has sparked significant discussions within the culture.

Taking to Twitter (X) one of A-Reece’s fans shared that Deadline Ep is Reece’s best EP taken from his catalogue. “DEADLINES is A-REECE ‘s Best EP.” Read the post. “DEADLINE,” consists of 7 tracks, was released on October 22, 2022, and it immediately made an impact amongst SA hip-hop followers.

The EP has drawn comparisons to A-Reece‘s works, notably “Paradise” and “From Me to You & Only You.” This has ignited a fervent discussion among fans about where “DEADLINE” stands in A-Reece’s discography. This came after remarks were made that “DEADLINES is A-REECE ‘s Best EP.” Read post.

However, on the other side, there are fans who argue that while “DEADLINE” is undoubtedly strong, it may not surpass A-Reece’s previous EP “I’m Only 21.” Social media platforms and fan forums have become battlegrounds for these differing opinions.

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