Flvme releases highly anticipated EP, Note to Self

After releasing an unexpected EP earlier in the year (following a robbery that saw him lose this very project), The LOST PACK Vol 1, followed by a successful single in the lead-up to a highly anticipated EP, Flvme has solidified his position among the best hip hop artists coming out of South Africa. 
The title ‘NOTE TO SELF’ speaks for itself – it’s straightforward yet carries a powerful message, mirroring the essence of the music within. Speaking of the project, it comprises seven reminders I frequently revisit to stay motivated and resilient. Through this audio diary, I aspire to offer insight into my own journey while also helping you discover more about yourself. NOTE TO SELF, NOTE TO YOU…
DO RiGHT iNTRO’ was the first release from the project and “it’s a song about finding balance, peace and navigating through hardships as I grow older. It’s also about me leaving behind certain things to transition into the newer version of myself”. he says.
Stream NOTE TO SELF, out now on all major platforms

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