Rouge Sets Release Date For “L.O.S.T” Album Lead Single

Rouge Sets Release Date For “L.O.S.T” Album Lead Single. Rouge has officially revealed the release date for the lead single of her highly-anticipated upcoming album titled L.O.S.T.

Rouge Sets Release Date For “L.O.S.T” Album Lead Single

With her unique flair and resolute dedication to her art, Rouge has persistently established her presence in the fiercely competitive realm of hip-hop, garnering widespread praise for her previous creations. Taking to Twitter (X), the rapper has announced that she is ready to dish her fans with new music.

In the build-up to her album release, Rouge has gathered the prowess of notable features for her lead single titled iStylie Galore. The Bongo Zaka hitmaker featured fellow rapper Yanga Chief along with The Ginger Mac.

In her announcement, Rouge promised a rap song as she revealed that the single is set to release on October 27, 2023, stirring up anticipation among her fan base. “Announcement Let’s Rap on the road to L.O.S.T #IstylieGalore ft @ItsYangaChief & @TheGingerMac 27/10/2023,” she said.

The Dololo chanter also confidently declared that her upcoming album would be a force to be reckoned with, rallying her fans to share their expectations for her upcoming body of work. “Road to L.O.S.T : This is Going to be hard. What are do you expect from an album?Rouge said in a post.

Rouge has come under massive criticism from her fans who accused her of prioritising her romantic relationship instead of making music. The rapper unequivocally refuted the notion that her hiatus from making music was due to relationship issues (mojolo). Instead, she clarified that she had to part ways with her record label in order to start making music again. @stunt_moyane lol no I had to leave my label which I did last week,” she said.

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