The Big Hash Marks Another Major Milestone On Apple Music

The Big Hash Marks Another Major Milestone On Apple Music. South African rapper and songwriter, The Big Hash, has achieved yet another remarkable milestone by making a significant mark on Apple Music.

The Big Hash Marks Another Major Milestone On Apple Music

With a unique blend of talent, perseverance, and innovation, The Big Hash continues to captivate his South African audience. The Big Hash has been a prominent figure in the game and it is evident that his music has been greatly appreciated by the masses.

Taking to Instagram, Hash announced that he is 1 Million away from securing the 10 Million Plays on Apple Music. The rapper took time to appreciate his fans who have been supporting his music ever since the start of his career.

“1 Million away from 10 on Apple Music. Gratitude only. Wouldn’t be possible without y’all. So this next one is for you. We outside again on November 4, save the date,” wrote The Big Hash. The rapper’s journey began at a young age, and he quickly gained recognition with his mixtapes and early releases.

He carved a niche for himself through his melodious voice, infusing rap and rnb reflecting on his personal experiences and South African culture. A few months ago, the Heavy Is The Crown chanter celebrated 1 Million Plays on Apple Music.

With the numbers steadily approaching the 10 Million mark, it’s evident that his sound has struck a chord with his audience, indicating his successful formula in creating an appealing musical experience for his listeners.  “I WISH I COULD TAKE THE CREDIT, BUT THIS IS ALL YOU…I LOVE Y’ALL!” Wrote The Big Hash after reaching the 1 Million mark on Apple Music.

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