From SoundCloud To Stardom: Blxckie Celebrates 24th Birthday

From SoundCloud To Stardom: Blxckie Celebrates 24th Birthday. Today, we celebrate the 24th birthday of the one and only Somnyama Yena Yedwa, Blxckie, whose journey from SoundCloud obscurity to international stardom has captivated the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

From SoundCloud To Stardom: Blxckie Celebrates 24th Birthday

The rapper’s rise to stardom has been nothing short but exceptional having achieved acclaim with a collection of melodic-trap releases such as Nebula, Big Time Sh’lappa, and the mixtape It Feels Like a Dream. In 2021, the Sydenham Height native released his first album, B4Now, which quickly gained widespread popularity.

Taking to Instagram, the Mama Its Bad chanter celebrated his 24th birthday reflecting on his early days making music as a very young boy with his friends. The video clip clearly shows the results of how Blxckie has been dedicated and consistent in making a mark for himself in the competitive SA music industry. “golden suku lokzalwa. the Kobe way. siri play the greatest birthday ngoma mzansi has ever heard. izinto zami z’yahlangana. 🙏🏾💚+” Wrote Blxckie referring to his song “Sika.”

The path from SoundCloud to stardom is a well-trodden one in the digital era, but what distinguishes Blxckie is his distinctive voice and perspective. His rise in the music scene also involved being part of the collective Clout Internet Boyz, a group of Durban-based rappers who collaborate on music and offer their unique interpretation of Trap music.

Since breaking into mainstream music in 2017, Blxckie has become the most sought-after artist, not just in South African Hip Hop but across various music genres. His exceptional vocal prowess seamlessly blends with a wide range of musical styles.

In recognition of his accomplishments since his breakthrough, Blxckie has secured several awards. The Yex4 hitmaker clinched the Best Hip Hop Album at the 2022 SAMAs for the B4Now album. Adding to his accolades, Somnyama also took home the Songwriter Of The Year award at the Clout Africa Awards.

In the pursuit of greater success and the creation of more captivating music, we wish a Happy Birthday to Blxckie, Somnyama, “Yena Yedwa.”

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