K.O Hints At Music Collaboration With Zingah

K.O Hints At Music Collaboration With Zingah. K.O and Zingah have forged a robust connection within the South African Hip Hop landscape, playing a significant role in advancing and elevating the status of urban music in the country.

K.O Hints At Music Collaboration With Zingah

K.O is currently basking in glory following the success of his album SR3 and the lead single SETE that have rocked the music airwaves. With all that in mind, the rapper is already planning ahead to make more music for the fans and this time around he is bringing back his former CashTime member Zingah to the fore.

During the recent episode of Inside Life With K.O aired on BET, the Skhanda World boss told his fellow rapper and industry brother Ma-E that he’s working on Zingah‘s music comeback. K.O said that he and Zingah have worked on a beautiful song.

“I’ve got a nice song, I’ve done it with him (Zingah), his comeback song, very nice you’ll hear it,” K.O said telling Ma-E. Zingah announced in 2022 that he was quitting music citing that Riky Rick’s death made him turn his back on the music industry.

However, a year after announcing his retirement, the Dlala chanter is now on the verge of making a return to the rap scene. Taking to Twitter (X), the rapper said that he has new music in the volt and pending release. “I know I’m really in my duffel when I’m making two songs or more at the same time. #HimothyTheBoy is gonna be kinda crazy,” he wrote.

Despite Zingah’s recent hiatus from releasing music, the rapper has consistently upheld positive relationships within the South African hip-hop community. His noteworthy contribution to the culture is evident through the success of his Choppin It With Budha T Podcast. Zingah has played a crucial role in providing South African rappers and cultural enthusiasts with a platform to share their stories, making his impact on the scene nothing short of phenomenal.

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