Ma-E Seeks To Broker Peace Between K.O & Ntukza

Ma-E Seeks To Broker Peace Between K.O & Ntukza. The longstanding feud between K.O. and Ntukza has remained a prominent topic in the South African hip-hop scene for years. To date, the former Teargas members have yet to come together for a discussion to resolve the underlying issues between them.

Ma-E Seeks To Broker Peace Between K.O & Ntukza

As Ma-E finds himself entangled in the conflict between two significant individuals in his life, the seasoned rapper is now stepping up to assume the role of mediator between K.O. and Ntukza, aiming to be the voice of reason in their ongoing dispute.

Speaking during the recent episode on Inside Life With K.O on BET, Ma-E and K.O brought the subject matter for discussion. The Dont Lie 2 Me hitmaker expressed that the rift between his Teargas brothers also affects him since he gets along with both of them.

“Hopefully we can get into a harmonious space you see? That’s all I pray for just us as gents just move on from… Just see life, that in life it’s just more than our egos. You know, sit down, it doesn’t matter which direction we take as gents but… we need to get along and have good energy,” Ma-E said.

“Because I get along with you a lot, and I get along with him a lot too, it would be a very great thing for me if you got along. More than anything, in fact, we won’t be on this earth forever. We dont have much time on earth,” Ma-E added.

In response to Ma-E’s remarks regarding the situation with Ntukza, K.O. suggested that Ma-E take the initiative to bring them together like gentlemen, facilitating a direct and honest conversation to address and resolve the underlying issues.

“When the chance presents itself, I mean we can’t force it but I think you (Ma-E) can lead it, that if the time comes if we have a sit down just as gents and not worried about a lot of things,” K.O said.

“It doesn’t have to be about work, just chatting I think it will just go a long way in terms of just diffusing maybe misunderstanding. Because I could be misunderstanding things. And he could be misunderstanding things. I mean in the end we are adults, we can’t be chasing something we know nothing about,” he added.

Ma-E also underscored his intention to engage in a conversation with Ntukza, aiming to bring an end to the longstanding feud. “I hope when I sit down with him (Ntukza) and talk to him about this, he’ll also understand it the way you do,” Ma-E said.

“I’ll also try to transfer this same energy to him because, in the end, it’s all about energy. But I’m very good at persuading people or helping them see that it’s bigger than us. The feelings we have or the good energy are bigger than us.”

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