Makwa Gets Candid About Life As An Independent Artist

Makwa Gets Candid About Life As An Independent Artist. The journey of an independent artist can bring substantial rewards, yet at times, artists may yearn for the validation of a record label contract. Nevertheless, it remains the artist’s prerogative to discern which battle to undertake and which path they can effectively maintain for the betterment of their career.

Makwa Gets Candid About Life As An Independent Artist

In the South African music industry, there has been a significant wave of artists departing from record label deals in favour of pursuing independent careers. However, this transition offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Taking to Twitter, (X), the famed producer and rapper Makwa, has been an independent artist for a while and he shared that it has not been an easy path to take, but he is enjoying every step of it, “Being independent is extremely hard but I’m enjoying every minute of it,” he said.

Recently, the famed producer dropped a 22-track album, the first one under his independent record label Mzonkonko Records. The album has received significant praise amongst his SA Hip hop fans and in a bid to propel the momentum he has also released merchandise that fans can buy in celebration of his album release.

Recently, Makwa took to social media and conveyed appreciation to his fans who have been supporting his body of work. “S/O to everyone that’s been blazing Makwande. Thank you for your support for those who haven’t here is a link,”  Makwa said.

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