MashBeatz Claims He Doesn’t Know A-Reece’s Latest Song “Better Now”

MashBeatz Claims He Doesn’t Know A-Reece’s Latest Song “Better Now.” A-Reece and MashBeatz once formed a promising musical alliance back in the TWC era. Their collaboration hinted at the potential for greatness, showcasing a dynamic synergy in their music.

MashBeatz Claims He Doesn’t Know A-Reece’s Latest Song “Better Now”

Despite the initial promise, the acclaimed hip-hop heads eventually took divergent paths, parting ways after a fallout that remains shrouded in mystery, leaving fans without a clear understanding of the circumstances.

Recently, A-Reece dropped his long-awaited P2: TBHBG which garnered a massive reaction from the SA Hip Hop fans as he addressed different issues. One of the songs that took the spotlight is “Better Now” where Reece addressed his relationship with MashBeatz.

In one of the verses on the song, the Paradise hitmaker candidly shares sentiments about his former associate and friend, MashBeatz. The lyrics suggest a shift in perspective, conveying a sense of independence and the belief that he is better off without the need for friendship. “I know I might be mixin’ these emotions with the blanco But f*ck friends, I’m better off alone as far as I know,” raps A-Reece.

Taking to Twitter, one of A-Reece’s fans expressed the belief that MashBeatz might be somewhere, tuned in to A-Reece’s “Better Now,” as the song appears to directly address the complexities of their friendship and subsequent falling out. “I know @MashBeatz_ prolly somewhere listening to better now singing used to my niggga, nigga nigga nigga,” read the post.

In response, the renowned South African hip-hop producer expressed his lack of familiarity with the song, a statement that left some incredulous. “I DONT KNOW THE SONG,” MashBeatz claimed.

Speaking during an interview on SlikourOnLife early this year, Mash said that he doesn’t see him and A-Reece patching things up and squashing their beef.

“For me it’s like, like I said, it’s us moving on to the next thing, I don’t know what he’s thinking but I don’t think he’s at that state of wanting to like make things happen and same as me I’m not trying to make amends, I’m not trying to make friends, I’m just like, I’m chasing amps,” MashBeatz said.

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