Moozlie Opens Up About Embracing Amapiano For Her Music Comeback

Moozlie Opens Up About Embracing Amapiano For Her Music Comeback. Despite her recent absence from releasing new music, Moozlie continues to make a significant impact on the music culture. The “I’m A Star” chanter has become a prominent figure at numerous urban culture music events, solidifying her reputation as the most in-demand MC in the scene.

Moozlie Opens Up About Embracing Amapiano For Her Music Comeback

However, most SA Hip Hop fans have been calling her to drop some new music even though they witness her presence at events. Speaking during an interview at the Focalistic and Jagermeister event, Moozlie was asked when she’s dropping new music and whether she will hop onto the Yanos wave.

The Skhanda Queen said that she is ready to make music and hopping onto the Amapiano sound is something she will not rule out. “I feel like I’m actually in a place now where I just want to make music. I think a lot of time in this country, especially in Hip Hop you just always making music because you’re trying to do this thing and that’s has never been my vibe,” Moozlie said.

“I’ve always just made music because I wanted to, it felt good, I was with my friends and it was nice and it changed a lot along the way and I just wanted to get back to the essence. So I just had to get back to Moozlie first but trust me will be back.”

On whether she’s finding any inspiration in the Amapiano space, Moozlie said; “It’s not a closed door for me, but come on you know I got to keep it Hip Hop,” Moozlie said. During an interview with Drum Magazine last year, Moozlie emphasized that music will forever remain one of her numerous creative outlets.

Music will always be one of her many creative outlets. I’m back in the studio, which I’m really excited about. I’m hoping to release new music next year (2023) which people can look forward to.” Moozlie told DRUM.

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