Nadia Nakai Set To Channel Grief Into Music With AKA Tribute EP

Nadia Nakai Set To Channel Grief Into Music With AKA Tribute EP. Nadia Nakai has announced her plans to release a tribute EP dedicated to the late SA hip-hop icon AKA. The upcoming EP is set to mirror Nakai’s grief and appreciation for the iconic artist, serving as a musical tribute to one of the foremost figures in the African Hip Hop scene.

Nadia Nakai Set To Channel Grief Into Music With AKA Tribute EP

Addressing attendees at a luncheon after joining Ziiki Media, Nadia Nakai revealed that she is currently engaged in a long music project. The music endeavour commenced with the release of the single “Back In” a few months ago.

However, Bragga emphasized that the main focus right now is on the tribute EP for AKA whom she was dating before he tragically passed away in February this year. “We’re working on a long project, which is exciting we just started now with my new song called Back In which I dropped a couple of months ago, which has done pretty well. We got a new single which is dropping pretty soon, featuring an upcoming female rapper. We shot the video and I’m really excited about it for the festive,” Nadia said.

Video credit: SlikourOnLife

The Money Back hitmaker added that the main focus right now is the tribute EP for the Supa Mega which she will drop on a sentimental date. “The main project that I think we’re focusing on is the tribute EP for Kiernan. I dont know if I can mention when I want to drop it, but it will be on a sentimental date which is quite soon. That is the project that I’m putting my all into,” she said.

The acclaimed rapper mentioned that the tribute EP will showcase a distinctive sound compared to what her audience is accustomed to hearing from her. “When you do hear the project, it’s gonna sound very different from what you probably expected from me as Nadia Nakai the rapper.

“I think I’ve learnt a lot this year when it comes to music and just being an artist and collaborating and having workshops and writing camps and I really delved into stuff like that. So my project will sound extremely different but exciting too, it’s not piano,” added Nadia Nakai.

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