Scumie Claims Nasty C & Cassper Stiffed Her After African Throne Performance

Scumie Claims Nasty C & Cassper Stiffed Her After African Throne Performance. Rising star Scumie has taken to social media to accuse South African hip-hop heavyweights Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest of withholding payment after a high-profile performance at the prestigious African Throne concert.

Scumie Claims Nasty C & Cassper Stiffed Her After African Throne Performance

The emerging artist claimed that she was compelled to sign a contract to participate in the African Throne gig and promised payments would be made in seven days. However, she has not received any compensation for her performance from Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest as of yet.

Taking to Twitter (X), Scumie strongly criticized the event, labelling it as a scam. She specifically called out the renowned rappers for failing to honour their agreement. Scumie further mentioned that it has been a month since her performance at the event, and she is yet to be contacted about receiving the compensation she worked hard for.

“That Nasty C and Cassper tour is such a scam. I performed there, signed a contract saying payment will be made 7 days after performance, it’s been a month & I haven’t received anything. Idc abt it but I won’t work hard for something only for it to be undermined. Trash ppl,” Scumie said.

Despite facing criticism from fans of both renowned rappers, Scumie emphatically stated that she has lodged her complaint and she is now awaiting a response from Cassper and Nasty C. “Heban, reaching out for over a month and nothing is being done ? As long as the 2 big bosses called my camp, my job here is done.” She added.

As the social media platforms explode with comments towards Scumie’s claims, representatives for Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest have yet to respond to the allegations.

The African Throne tour commenced in September 2023, taking the rappers to various countries, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, Estwani, Kenya, Botswana and others. The tour concluded in Johannesburg on October 28, 2023, with Phase 2 coming up in 2024.

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