Reebok’s ‘Back Like We Never Left’ Event: A Spectacular Celebration of 50 Years of Hip Hop in Cape Town

The Mother City witnessed an unforgettable night as the Reebok Back Like We Never Left Event took center stage, commemorating 50 years of Hip Hop right were SA Hip Hop started. The event, held in the heart of Cape Town, brought together a lineup of stellar artists, including Youngsta CPT, Nadia Nakai, DJ Ready D, Bravo Leroux, Blxckie and more, creating an atmosphere of pure celebration and nostalgia.

One of the highlights of the event was the incredible Reebok clothing range on display, specially curated to pay homage to five decades of Hip Hop culture. The collection featured a vibrant array of retro tracksuits, iconic t-shirts, and classic sneakers that transported attendees back in time while keeping a contemporary edge. The clothing range was a visual feast, capturing the essence of Hip Hop’s evolution over the years.

Adding an artistic touch to the celebration, a graffiti painter worked live, creating a mural that served as a dynamic backdrop for the performances. The graffiti art not only reflected the spirit of Hip Hop but also highlighted the raw and authentic elements that define the genre.

The event space was transformed into a Hip Hop haven, complete with a feast for the eyes and ears. Break dancers showcased their skills, moving to the rhythm of beats that have defined generations. MCs took the stage, delivering electrifying freestyles that resonated with the crowd and paid homage to the roots of Hip Hop culture.

The atmosphere was further elevated by the presence of the legendary DJ Ready D, who seamlessly blended old-school vibes with contemporary beats, keeping the energy high throughout the night. Bravo Leroux, known for his innovative approach to music, took a moment to dedicate part of his set to fallen South African Hip Hop heroes, including AKA, Ricky Rick, and Costa Titch. This touching tribute added a layer of emotion to the celebration, reminding everyone of the impact these artists had on the local Hip Hop scene.

As the night unfolded, Youngsta CPT and DJ Ready D closed their set with a bang, performing their hit single ‘Back Like We Never Left.’ The track served as the perfect anthem for the event, encapsulating the essence of the evening – a celebration of Hip Hop’s enduring legacy, resilience, and everlasting influence.

In addition to the musical and visual spectacle, the Reebok Back Like We Never Left Event treated attendees to a gastronomic experience with an abundance of drinks and food. The combination of great music, stunning visuals, and a vibrant crowd made the event an ultimate celebration, marking 50 years of Hip Hop in a style that only Cape Town could deliver. The Reebok Back Like We Never Left Event will undoubtedly be remembered as a milestone in the city’s cultural history, showcasing the enduring power of Hip Hop to unite and inspire.

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