Nadia Nakai Releases Emotional Single ‘Never Leave’ Featuring KashCPT as a Sneak Peek to Her Upcoming Tribute Album

Get ready to vibe and be in touch with your emotions! Renowned South African rapper and songwriter Nadia Nakai releases a highly anticipated single, Never Leave,featuring the rapper KashCPT. This emotionally charged track is a look into Nadia’s upcoming tribute album dedicated to her late partner, the iconic Kiernan Forbes, widely known as AKA.

Never Leave is not just a song; it’s a journey of Nadia’s feelings and emotions in tribute to AKA. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster through themes of love, loss, and the eternal influence of AKA in the music scene. 

Nadia expresses her dedication to honour the memory of her late partner through music they both loved, “Working on this album has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. This pain couldn’t be healed by anything or anyone, but I saw how Kiernan always went straight to the music to deal with everything he went through. I started this project a month after he passed in hopes that it would heal me or take away my pain. It didn’t, but it started the journey of my healing as the album evolved from when I started to what it is now. Documenting my grief and pain led me from anger to celebrating his life. I am awakening my spiritual side. There’s a lot that went into this album. My single ‘Never Leave’ featuring KashCPT is the first single from the project… featuring Kash is very special for me because he is from Cape Town, and secondly, I see so much of Kiernan in him, especially what I would imagine Kiernan was like at the beginning of his career. easily gifted.”

But that’s not all – Nadia’s tribute album is dropping in the first quarter of 2024, and it’s set to make hip-hop history. This is not just any tribute; it’s a bold celebration of AKA’s impact on South African music. With collaborations that span the spectrum from hip-hop to R&B, Nadia’s album promises a musical journey that’s as diverse and electrifying as the late rapper himself.

Nadia Nakai wants you to be part of the legacy celebration! 

Stream Never Leave now on all digital platforms!

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