Priddy Ugly Drops “Ntja’ka” Music Video

Priddy Ugly Drops “Ntja’ka” Music Video. Priddy Ugly has finally released the much-anticipated music video for his popular single “Ntjaka,” captivating fans with a visually stunning experience that perfectly complements the energy and charisma of the song.

Priddy Ugly Drops “Ntja’ka” Music Video

Renowned for his exceptional penmanship and profound lyricism, Priddy Ugly once again showcased his mastery in both the song and the seamlessly fitting music video, highlighting the rapper’s skilful artistry. The music video has made its first debut on MTV Base today at 7 am, and 11 am and the last Premiere will show at 4 pm.

Priddy Ugly didn’t craft the impeccably polished song and music video in isolation; instead, he skillfully collaborated with South African Hip Hop powerhouses such as Maglera Doe Boy and Mashbeatz, each making significant contributions to enhance the overall impact.

Priddy Ugly has already set the tone for South African Hip Hop in 2024 with his vibrant music video, but the rapper isn’t slowing down. In a matter of weeks, the “Come To My Kasi” hitmaker is concluding his rap journey with the release of a highly anticipated album titled “DUST.”

“DUST” marks Priddy Ugly‘s final creative endeavour in terms of releasing a body of work, but he has expressed his commitment to working behind the scenes with emerging artists in the future.

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