A-Reece Reveals Songs He Freestyled On “P2: TBHBG” Album

A-Reece Reveals Songs He Freestyled On “P2: TBHBG Album.” Across his extensive discography, A-Reece consistently demonstrates his lyrical mastery, solidifying his position as a true hip-hop genius.

A-Reece Reveals Songs He Freestyled On “P2: TBHBG” Album

A-Reece‘s latest album, P2: TBHBG, solidified his status as a prominent figure in the South African hip-hop scene. Released in October 2023, the 19-track project garnered critical acclaim, featuring well-chosen collaborators and sparking conversations about Reece’s place among SA hip-hop’s greats.

With an exceptional pen game that he demonstrated on the P2 album, A-Reece revealed that there are some songs he didn’t write but instead freestyle. In a Facebook post, the award-winning rapper made a revelation proving that his creativity in making music is exceptional. Reece listed 4 songs from the album he didn’t write. “Songs I didn’t write but freestyled in the studio for P2: ONE TIME, ANGELZ AND DEMONZ, BRUCE WAYNE, TOO MUCH,” A-Reece wrote.

The album’s success has led A-Reeece to take a temporary hiatus from solo releases, but fans can still look forward to upcoming collaborations and music videos. “Holding on tight to P2 I’m always thrilled about sharing new music because I’m always in the lab but I dont know when I’ll be releasing another body of work. I just know it won’t be anytime soon,” A-Reece said.

“For now I’m going to continue working on visuals for all the other cuts on P2 and planning out the rest of the tour. Basically, max it out in every way possible. As far as collaboration there’s a few features in the pipeline ready to see the light and a lot under construction,” said Reece. “It’s just about timing at this point and this year I trust my guys to deliver,” he added.

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