Big Star Lifts The Lid On The Intricacies Of ‘The Hustle’ Money

Big Star Lifts The Lid On The Intricacies Of ‘The Hustle’ Money. Big Star Jonhson emerged as one of South Africa’s prominent rappers, catapulting to fame through intense rap competitions.

Big Star Lifts The Lid On The Intricacies Of ‘The Hustle’ Money

The first season of The Hustle reality TV show, boasting a panel of celebrity judges and fellow South African rap luminaries, served as the perfect launchpad for the Johannesburg-based artist to showcase his talent, ultimately seizing victory in the competition.

Speaking during an interview on PopCast Radio with DJ Ms Cosmo, Big Star was asked how he spent the money he won after The Hustle competition. “There was a cash price, right? What did you do with the money?”

In response, Big Star said that as much as the money was a lot it was taxed and he would get it with a payment arrangement of R10K per month. “So with the racks, obviously they tell you R250K but then they taxed it. After-tax, it was a payment arrangement of R10K per month, yeah,” he said.

Big Star Jonhson explained that the delay in receiving his prize money was due to the inaugural season of the TV show. The production team was experimenting with a concept they weren’t sure would succeed, leading to logistical challenges in distributing the winnings promptly.

“If you really think about it, it was season 1 of a production that was trying. They didn’t even know if it was going to be successful. I think they went over budget, that’s what they told me, ‘we went over budget with the finale'”, Big Star said.

The “Just 2 Flex” hitmaker admitted he was uncertain about what he would have done if he had received the full prize money. However, he revealed that Stogie T advised him against rushing to purchase a car. “I dont know [what would’ve done with the money,] because I remember Stogie being like, ‘dont buy a car’ I dont know why he said that,” he added.

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