Blxckie Scores Big With “HOLD” On Apple Music

Blxckie Scores Big With “HOLD” On Apple Music. With his genre-bending talents, Blxckie has become a magnet for music lovers, transcending borders and igniting a passion in South Africa and beyond. The Durban rapper’s rapid rise to prominence is a testament to his musical dexterity and undeniable star power.

Blxckie Scores Big With “HOLD” On Apple Music

Once again, the rapper finds cause for celebration as his music catalogue yields lucrative returns. “HOLD,” a track from his debut album B4Now released in 2021, stands out as a fan favourite, adding to the momentum of his success. Taking to Instagram, Blxckie shared that HOLD has achieved 3 Million Plays on Apple Music in South Africa alone. “Hold by Blxckie has 3 million plays in South Africa,” read the post.

The song’s success on Apple Music reflects the growing influence Blxckie has acquired in South Africa alone. As if that is not enough, the 24-year-old rapper he been growing his international appeal as well, as he has rubbed shoulders with a slew of big-name artists in the USA and other countries abroad.

In addition to its commercial success, “HOLD” has also resonated with fans on a personal level, with many praising its raw honesty and emotional depth, mostly for those who are in love. Blxckie delves into themes of self-discovery, love, and the intricacies of contemporary existence through his music, forging connections with listeners on a profoundly relatable plane. Hence it’s not surprising that the track HOLD is soaring on music charts.

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