Cassper Shares Experience Attending Hillsong Church In London

Cassper Shares Experience Attending Hillsong Church In London. Cassper Nyovest recently took to social media to share his profound experience attending Hillsong Church in London.

Cassper Shares Experience Attending Hillsong Church In London

The multi-talented artist, known for his hits and entrepreneurial ventures, expressed his spiritual journey after visiting one of the world’s most renowned megachurches. Taking to Twitter (X), Cassper Nyovest shared his experience at Hillsong Church London following a visit to the Big Smoke City for his gig at Shockolate Show.

The rapper shared a video of himself immersed in worship at Hillsong, expressing how his journey in Christ has been elevated since experiencing spiritual rebirth. “Today I got to attend praise and worship at Hillsong Church in London. What a privilege. Praise the Lord!” Cassper remarked.

Despite identifying as a born-again Christian, the self-proclaimed Don Billiato emphasized his commitment to his faith and his career in hip-hop. Cassper clarified that he intends to continue creating hip-hop music and attending hip-hop events while remaining dedicated to serving God. He sees himself as a rapper who embraces his love for Jesus, finding harmony between his profession and his spiritual journey.

 “Yeah, def! My Pastor gave me a dope quote that his pastor shared with him when he got saved. He said“You’re not a Pastor, you’re a Rockstar who loves Jesus”. Lol… so yeah, I’m not a Pastor, yet!! Maybe someday , God’s will always prevails. For now, I’m Rapper who loves JESUS!!!” He said.

Furthermore, the rapper hasn’t dismissed the possibility of releasing a gospel album, expressing his anticipation to see what God has in store for him. It’s possible man. Trust me, I’m very excited to see what God has in store for me on this new beautiful Journey where I walk with him and learn about his love, his plans , his heart and his will. I know one thing doe, IT’S GONNA BE BETTER THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE!!! HALLELUJAH!!!” He added.

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