Coco Brown Announces Debut Single “Cameras” Feat Maggz & Jay Jody

Coco Brown Announces Debut Single “Cameras” Feat Maggz & Jay Jody. The budding talent Coco Brown has revealed her debut single titled “Cameras,” featuring the SA Hip Hop stars Maggz and Jay Jody.

Coco Brown Announces Debut Single “Cameras” Feat Maggz & Jay Jody

After a considerable time of enriching the SA Hip Hop culture as a DJ, Coco Brown is now poised to make her mark from a new angle—behind the mic, with the release of her debut Hip Hop single. Leaping forward, she’s not only stepping onto the stage solo but also sharing it with her boyfriend Maggz and Pretoria-based rapper Jay Jody.

Taking to Instagram, the famed DJ revealed that creating her debut single has been a challenging journey. However, with the unwavering support of her inner circle, including renowned rapper Maggz and Jay Jody, the single is finally manifesting into reality.

With all set for the release of “Cameras,” Coco Brown announced that the single will be available on 1 March 2024 as she expressed gratitude to her collaborators.

“I’m incredibly honoured to be finally announcing the release of my debut single “Cameras” alongside two of my favourite artists emhlabeni @maggz100 & @originaljayjody . Without getting too emotional, it’s been a really challenging journey leading to this ya’ll.

“I can’t express enough how special this is to me and I’m eternally grateful to the gents for trusting me enough to make this record for your girl. I hope you love it as much as we do, and I’m so excited to be contributing to hip hop in this little way 🇿🇦🥹 1st March, we go live baby!!!!!!” She announced.

With the countdown underway, Coco Brown is poised to shine with the release of her debut single with the SA Hip Hop industry expecting more of her contribution in the future.

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