Emtee Gets Candid On Why He Needs A Bodyguard

Emtee Gets Candid On Why He Needs A Bodyguard. The series of brutal homicides within the SA Hiphop community in recent years has instilled a sense of fear not just among fans and the public, but also within the culture itself. These tragic deaths, leaving heads rolling, have deeply impacted industry peers and those entrenched in hip-hop culture.

Emtee Gets Candid On Why He Needs A Bodyguard

Emtee is one of the SA rappers who has been very vocal about the safety of artists in SA Hip Hop. The rapper has been a victim of social media bullying over the years, and he feels the need to have security backing to protect him from all the hate and enemies that might be after his life.

Taking to Twitter (X), the We Up hitmaker said that he needs a 24/7 bodyguard so that no one can get near him. The rapper expressed that he is tired of being disrespected and hence the need to beef up his security. “I need a 24/7 body guar. relative or not, unzonya Nobody must touch me cos a lot of people think I’m pussy and that’s where people getting it wrong. I’m a warrior,” Emtee said.

In the spirit of dropping his long-awaited DIY3 album, The Hustler appointed K.O’s brother and former AKA manager Siya Mdluli as his manager. Emtee has been without a manager for a long time since the passing of his childhood friend Lebohang Maswanganyi.

“Ladies and gentlemen Meet my new Manager @scorpio_siya. My first ever official MANAGER with experience and a whole lotta wisdom. Olipa tingz agwaan. #DIY3. Tryna work? Hala at my dawg @scorpio_siya. It’s been a long time coming and things are starting to make sense. Grateful,” Emtee announced.

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