K.O Shares His Thoughts On Shebeshxt’s Music

K.O Shares His Thoughts On Shebeshxt’s Music. In a recent interview on Popcorn And Cheese Podcast with Robot Boii & Mpho Pops, K.O shared his insights on the rising star Shebeshxt and her burgeoning presence in the music industry.

K.O Shares His Thoughts On Shebeshxt’s Music

The veteran rapper mentioned that he hasn’t delved deeply into the music of the Limpopo rapper, aside from the hit single “Twerka.” K.O stated that he is aware of a young artist who went viral and gave him a shout-out.

The Skanda World boss also recognized Shebeshxt‘s humble origins amidst his ascent to fame, commending him for establishing his name in the industry. “I saw a kid that went viral the other time, he was shouting me out, yeah shoutout to the homie. His story is absolutely amazing and him coming from the background he has and making something out of himself,” K.O said.

K.O added that he has yet to listen to Shebe’s music and the sonic but he advised that he wants to see more from the Limpopo rap sensation and he should maintain a high level of consistency. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I haven’t really like got into like his (Shebeshxt )repertoire in terms of music.

“I mean, obviously, I know like the Tweka joint. I just wanna see more work, let me see more great quality work. Countinue feeding this beast cause you could be hot one minute and then people forget about you. So just continue feeding the machine and let’s see more depth in what he has to offer as well,” K.O added.

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