Moozlie Shares Bible Verse That Touched Her Heart When Riky Rick Died

Moozlie Shares Bible Verse That Touched Her Heart When Riky Rick Died. During challenging times, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one, individuals seek solace in various ways. For some, music serves as a powerful remedy for healing, while others find solace in reading biblical scriptures, for Moozlie, the latter is realistic.

Moozlie Shares Bible Verse That Touched Her Heart When Riky Rick Died

Following the tragic loss of Riky Rick, the SA Hip Hop community was deeply shaken by the passing of the renowned, award-winning rapper, who tragically took his own life after struggling with depression. Moozlie who was one of the closest peers to Riky Rick opened up about the bible verse that touched her heart when Boss Zonke passed away.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper and media personality revealed that the passage from 1 Corinthians 12:25-27 deeply resonated with her, expressing how the late rapper ensured that everyone in the music industry felt acknowledged and valued, and his absence was profoundly felt.

“This verse really hit me when Riky died. He had such an amazing way of embodying this. Literally made every person he encountered feel seen & he always made you feel like your own little piece of magic is so essential to the whole thing. What a beautiful person man. Miss him,” Moozlie said.

Moozlie has long struggled to accept the loss of Riky. The 31-year-old rapper has openly shared her challenges in coping with the passing of Riky Rick, along with Costa Titch and AKA. Their deaths have profoundly affected her and the entire cultural community, proving to be an immense challenge to overcome.

I woke up feeling so anxious this morning,” she wrote. “2 months since Kiernan died. 1 month since Costa died and now I’ve got a cousin that is critically ill. This year has been an endless episode of “What the f*ck are we gonna tell the kids???!!!!

“Every time I start to wrap my head around 1 thing something else comes & knocks if off my shoulders completely. Every single month is a life altering situation closely preceeded or followed by a heart shattering loss. Its relentless. This morning’s devotion came right on time,” wrote Moozlie.

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