Nasty C Marks 27th Birthday With Reflection & Celebration

Nasty C Marks 27th Birthday With Reflection & Celebration. Becoming a new father inherently entails embracing increasing responsibilities, a reality that Nasty C has encountered firsthand following the arrival of his son, Oliver.

Nasty C Marks 27th Birthday With Reflection & Celebration

Adding to his plate, the renowned rapper has embarked on a new journey, marking a significant milestone as he reached 27 years. Taking to Instagram, the Zulu Man With Some Powers hitmaker thanked his fans and everyone who wished him well on his birthday on February 11 2024.

“Thank you for the birthday wish, anybody that I didn’t reply to, if you tried to call I didn’t pick up and I didn’t reply to any text. But I want you to know that I really appreciate it and I had a great day,” Nasty C said.

“I’m 27 man, this is crazy it feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my 21st, you’re getting old, what does this all mean?” he added.

The award-winning rapper also expressed gratitude to people who extended their birthday wishes to Nasty C‘s mother who passed away after giving birthday to the famed rapper. “Thank you for wishing my mom a happy birthday, it was her birthday a day before my birthday on the 10th of February.

“It was a very emotional day for me as you can understand it was a little bittersweet because for obvious reasons if you know me and my story you know why. There were a lot of reasons for me to celebrate because my Price City Mixtape turned 9 Years Old which is crazy,” he said.

The “Hell Naw” hitmaker reflected that the 9th anniversary of his mixtape brought mixed emotions, as it coincided with the passing of someone he admired and shared his music with, who sadly departed on February 10th.

“That was also kinda bittersweet because one of the people that I’ve really looked up to and played it for obviously passed away on the 10th of February a year ago. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, and I feel like it will always be that way,” he remarked.

Despite grappling with mixed emotions on his birthday and recalling loved ones who passed away during that time, Nasty C found solace in the comforting words of his sisters, who provided him with uplifting support.

“But I spoke to my sister and had a little conversation with my sister, she gave me some really uplifting words, some kind words. She gave me a solution to heal and deal with other emotions that come with that day and how to process everything around that day. So the 10th of February will always be a tricky day for me, but with the love that I get from my fans, and my family, I’m able to get through it with a positive spirit.

“Rest in peace to Mama Ivy, and rest in peace to AKA, thank you, guys, so much for the birthday wishes and also thank you to all the real fans who know that Price City was turning 9 years old,” Nasty C added.

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