Ntukza Remarks On The Negative Impact Of “Bars” On SA Hip Hop

Ntukza Remarks On The Negative Impact Of “Bars” On SA Hip Hop. The current state of South African Hip Hop continues to be a widely discussed subject, given the genre’s tumultuous period.

Ntukza Remarks On The Negative Impact Of “Bars” On SA Hip Hop

The downturn in South African Hip Hop is often attributed to the emergence of Amapiano a few years back. The Yanos wave successfully captivated a significant portion of South African music enthusiasts, resulting in diminished support for SA Hip Hop and a subsequent decline in the quality of its music releases.

Nevertheless, South African hip-hop veteran Ntukza offered an alternative viewpoint on the genre’s struggle to capture a wider audience in Mzansi. According to his Instagram post, Ntukza believes that the reluctance to produce club-centric hip-hop music has deterred many fans.

He emphasizes that the subdued state of SA hip-hop is a result of artists focusing excessively on lyrical content instead of delivering dance-oriented hip-hop tracks that could appeal to club-goers. “Yeah we luv bars, but sadly they’ve scared party goers from hip hop,” Ntkuza said. “Where party hip hop at smh simple melodies. Well, then wonder why SA Hip Hop is so quite, abantu bafuna uku jaiva bo! ‘Bars have SA Hip Hop behind bars fa real,” he added.

Earlier, Ex-Global expressed similar sentiments to those shared by Ntukza regarding South African Hip Hop music. The Holy Trinity artist stated that South African rappers are deterring women from engaging with the genre, as the music no longer resonates with them. This, in turn, has led to a decrease in the attendance of women at South African Hip Hop events and clubs.

“I’m not going to lie to y’all, the raps are scaring away the baddies from the shows, that’s why SA hip hop events are just squad deep nikkas. Where’s the music that makes you feel like dressing up and balling?? The musical touch? The feel good touch? Make you dance?” Ex Global said.

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