PdotO Drops His 6th Studio Album “SIPHELELE: BOOK I”

PdotO Drops His 6th PdotO Drops His 6th Studio Album “SIPHELELE: BOOK I” Album “SIPHELELE: BOOK I”. PdotO has unleashed his eagerly awaited sixth studio album, “SIPHELELE: BOOK I,” today, sending excitement through his fans and the SA Hip Hop scene.

PdotO Drops His 6th Studio Album “SIPHELELE: BOOK I”

Taking to social media, the Pretoria-based rapper announced the album’s release acknowledging everyone who played a role in making his project an exceptional success. The rapper assembled a good team of engineers, producers and vocalists to assist with his project which has now come to fruition under his record label God Bless The God Bless Entertainment.

“My 6th Studio Album SIPHELELE: BOOK I is Officially Out On all Platforms. Big Thank You to All the Artists and Producers who Helped me put this Marvel Together. I’m Eternally Grateful. STREAM IT. MEDITATE ON IT. SPREAD LOVE GBTGB,” PdotO announced.

“SIPHELELE: BOOK I” arrives as a powerful testament to PdotO’s dedication to his craft. The 16-track project boasts a stellar lineup of collaborators, including acclaimed artists like Ami Faku, Jay Jody, Touchline, Lolli Native, and many more. Each track promises a unique sonic journey, blending PdotO’s signature lyrical prowess with diverse musical influences.

The album title carries a sentimental significance, “Siphelele,” the rapper’s namesake, translates to “gift” in Zulu, suggesting the deeply personal and reflective essence of the project. Ahead of the album release, the rapper took to Instagram to share his heartfelt sentiments, expressing gratitude for the profound experiences he encountered while crafting his latest body of work.

“I have No clue what this album is gona do , To be Honest with all my creations I Never Do But I pour my All into the Holy Spirit And He guides my steps, This is a full circle momentI’m grateful for every moment Lived I’m grateful for the wisdom gained and the experience attained. I fell in love with Consistency and I’ve chasing her Heart Ever Since,” he wrote.

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