Priddy Ugly Shares His Favourite Aspects Of Latest Album “DUST”

Priddy Ugly Shares His Favourite Aspects Of Latest Album “DUST.” Priddy Ugly released his highly anticipated and final album, titled “DUST,” last month. The South African hip-hop community has warmly embraced the album, praising the award-winning rapper for his exceptional lyricism and penmanship.

Priddy Ugly Shares His Favourite Aspects Of Latest Album “DUST”

Taking to Twitter (X), Priddy Ugly shared his enthusiasm about the positive reception his project has garnered. The rapper shared his joy about the varied preferences among his listeners, highlighting that many have different favourites on the album.

This indicates that he successfully created music that resonates with a variety of listeners, catering to different musical tastes and preferences. With that being said, Priddy Ugly humbly expressed his gratitude towards everyone who has taken the time to listen to his last album.

“One of the things I love about DUST is that EVERY song is getting its moment, people have their favourites for sure – but everyone’s favourite is different & some are unanimous. Appreciate every single one of you that have listened to the music, the response has been humbling, thank you. Wrote Priddy Ugly.

Priddy Ugly expressed deep enthusiasm for the album’s production, commending the skilful producers who contributed to the project. As if that is not enough, the Ntja’ka hitmaker praised the fans for taking the project to greater heights as it hit 2 Million Streams in 1 week. “For every dollar count the quarter that you keep, For every Rand state the portion that you seek… A week out, thank you for 2 Million + streams on “DUST” via @spotifyafrica & @applemusic,” he said.

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