Qwellers Celebrate Reaching New Heights On Music Streaming Platforms

Qwellers Celebrate Reaching New Heights On Music Streaming Platforms. You might have caught wind of them by now: a South African Hip Hop crew boasting 10 members, shaking up the scene with their innovative take on the culture. The trendy adage, “The Qwellers Are Up!” has boldly set in stone their arrival, injecting fresh energy into the SA Hip Hop scene.

Qwellers Celebrate Reaching New Heights On Music Streaming Platforms

Despite their youth, the crew comprises vibrant solo artists in their own right who have been creating quite a buzz. Renowned artists such as Blxckie, A-Reece, and Sjava have welcomed these newcomers into the fold, recognizing their contribution to the South African Hip Hop culture.

In a bid to make their mark in the competitive SA Hip Hop space, the Qwellers dropped their first music project in the form of an EP titled “SUPA BHEXEZA.” The 5-track project has brought them the world of good as their music has caught the attention of SA Hip Hop followers, evident with the surge of the music on music DSPs.

Taking to Instagram, the 10-member crew announced that they reached 150,000 streams on music DSPs as they expressed their deepest appreciation for the culture and the support from the fans. As a token of appreciation, they revealed plans to release new music soon, outlining their trajectory towards making an even greater impact in South African Hip Hop.

“What’s the Qho!? What’s the Qwa!? Celebrating 150,000 streams on DSPs! 🙏 Thank you to all the Qwellers for the love and support. New music coming your way soon! QWEL IT!!!” The Qwellers announced.

As the Qwellers rise to prominence, it will be intriguing to witness their forthcoming endeavours. They radiate immense potential, poised to potentially follow in the footsteps of groups like Boyz N Buckz or The Wrecking Crew, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

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