Rashid Kay Commends Priddy Ugly Following “DUST” Album Release

Rashid Kay Commends Priddy Ugly Following “DUST” Album Release. Following the release of Priddy Ugly’s highly anticipated album release, “DUST,” fellow artist Rashid Kay has stepped forward to offer his heartfelt praise and admiration for the rapper’s latest musical endeavour.

Rashid Kay Commends Priddy Ugly Following “DUST” Album Release

During his appearance on the Zingah Podcast’s Culture Chopp segment, Rashid Kay took a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the renowned rapper who concluded the trilogy with the albums “SOIL,” “MUD,” and “DUST.”

“You know what I like about this album, about Priddy Ugly, is when a Lyricist makes beautiful music. He came through in this album, I think it’s the best of the trilogy, and he’s still the reigning Best Lyricist at the SAHHAs,” Rashid Kay said.

The seasoned rapper and pioneer of South African hip-hop also clarified that the candid remarks he makes about Priddy Ugly or any other South African rapper don’t necessarily imply any animosity towards them. “People, when we make these comments they like ‘why are you hating on Priddy, why are you hating on Blxckie?’ It’s not hate, it’s never hate, these are our people,” he added.

In one of the episodes of his Masterclass Podcast, Rashid explored the factors contributing to Priddy Ugly’s less-than-universal popularity in South Africa. The veteran rapper suggested that Priddy’s intricate lyrical style, while impressive, may pose a challenge in resonating with the broader South African audience.

“He’s a lyrical miracle rapper, he’s very lyrical which doesn’t appeal to most South Africans. That’s the type of music that’s very hard to sell,” Rashid said. “No matter how good Stogie is, he’s still a lyrical miracle rapper and it’s very hard to sell Stogie T’s music to ordinary South Africans.” 

“I think it depends on your background, if you started listening to your hip hop like Nas’s music, a lot of stuff becomes easy to your ears. But if you started with Kwaito or Gqom and you only discovered hip hop now you’re gonna gravitate towards the Big Zulus and you gonna find the Priddy Uglys and the Stogies hard to understand,” he added.

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